“If it bleeds, then it can be killed.” – Taylor 

Mutants, bandits, murderers, and predators are just a few examples of the not so friendly inhabitants of Grimlands that constantly assail you. Well, what weapon suits you?

Weapon categories – a shooter for every situation

Melee weapons like knives, machetes, baseball bats, and knuckle-dusters

Range: very low

Damage: very high

Reload time: very low

Ammunition: Hands!

Pistols and revolvers

Range: medium

Damage: low to medium

Reload time: low

Ammunition: 9mm/10mm/11mm


Range: low

Damage: very high

Reload time: very high

Ammunition: 12 gauge

Submachine guns

Range: medium

Damage: medium

Reload time: medium

Ammunition: 9mm


Range: high

Damage: high

Reload time: high

Ammunition: 5.56mm

Sniper rifles

Range: very high

Damage: very high

Reload time: high

Ammunition: 8.5mm

Weapon modifications – make every gun better

The quality of a weapon depends upon the number of slots it has for modifications. A weapon’s properties can be considerably improved to some extent, or even changed. Modifications from the following categories can be created:

  • Scope
  • Bayonet
  • Magazine
  • Grip
  • Barrel
  • Trigger
  • Suppressor
  • Stock