“As the quakes subsided I crept through the ruins into the light and caught sight of a world which was completely unfamiliar to me. The worst thing was the silence, which was only seldom interrupted by the sounds of distant screams. I immediately realized that things were not going to be the same as they used to be.” – Taylor

More than 95% of all towns, villages, and industrial facilities were destroyed after the global catastrophe. All energy lines and water supplies were broken. Makeshift accommodation was erected from the leftovers of civilization so that we are always coming across lots of scattered, small settlements in which brisk trading takes place. However, there are lots of other places which are very dangerous for adventurers.


A good starting point is the small town of Arwood. Craftsmen, above all, will find all opportunities to pursue their work.  Goods are sold at the local traders or in the auction house. There is even a bank which is well suited for depositing valuables. Nevertheless, this only applies to half of Arwood. Raiders have spread about the foot of the hill.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: very low

Bedford Mines

You can’t miss the entrance to this former extensive iron mine which is dominated by a massive rotary excavator. Slave drivers and their mercenaries rule over the Bedford Mines today who rule with an iron fist over their host of thralls.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: low


The Healy family founded this little brick settlement, Greenville, back in 1982. Brewing alcohol and refining oil into fuel belonged to the main sources of income for this place. An explosive mixture of Raiders and Wastelanders spread like locust, resulting in the eventual capturing and occupation of the settlement after much bitter fighting.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: medium

Hayward Factory

One of the few, large industrial buildings that wasn’t utterly destroyed. What is produced there remains a very well kept secret till today. Only few adventurers dare go into the labyrinth of pipes, steel tanks, and thick concrete walls. Raiders and bandits occupy the factory and don’t fire any warning shots against strangers.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: low – medium

Tower Town

The tower is discernible from far away which is secured on all sides by thick steel cables. Upon closer examination, you can see that it’s an overturned electricity pylon that was turned the other way round and erected on top of the diverse corrugated iron accommodation. You can get to the higher levels via a numerous meter long bridge. Wastelanders have made it nice and cozy here.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: low

Windmill Park

This once belonged to one of the most important generators of electrical energy. Today the area seems more like a graveyard for decommissioned wind turbines and serves as a domain for fanatical sectarians.

Quest difficulty level and dungeons: low – medium