“You will never be the best at everything. But you can try – and you will fail, nonetheless.” – Taylor

Skills – practice makes perfect

Every action and every deed has a consequence in Grimlands: Your skill will grow. There are neither character classes nor character levels. Individual training and constant usage of skills will strengthen your character. Pretty much all actions are linked to a skill, whether it’s just running about, trading with NPCs, or firing a weapon. There are over 70 skills in the game which are divided into three categories: Body, Pace, and Mind.

Body – strength and physical actions

Every sportsman knows the situation, He who runs a lot inevitably improves their endurance and can run both further and quicker. Athletics determines the swiftness of the body and how much endurance is used. A better physical constitution provides more health points and an increased rate of regeneration.

Pace – dexterity, agility, and precision

Above all the handling of weapons and skills that require particular dexterity are filed under Pace. If you use pistols both gladly and often, then this skill will increase quickly. However, if you decide to swap to shotguns sometime and rarely use pistols, then this skill will decay through time. Lockpicking, Coordination, and the ability to move quietly all belong to Pace.

Mind – Intelligence = Power

He who is mentally up to scratch will be able to defeat his opponents. Mind is perhaps the most diverse category which includes skills such as Concentration that helps target opponents. However, Haggling also belongs to this category which allows you to get better prices when trading with NPCs. Naturally, First Aid belongs to one of the most important skills when it comes to alleviating injuries. Crafting is located in Mind just as much as the spotting of enemies.

Talents – the combination of skills

With evermore training you will unlock talents that hold particularly powerful actions.  Talents always require a minimum level of two or more skills. For example, the combination of rifle skill and Concentration unlocks the talent “Sharp Shooter” which increases your chance of landing a critical hit. Whoever wants to call themselves a “Combat Medic” has to specifically train the combination of Medicine and Intelligence. These are only two examples of many various talents in Grimlands.