“Get on the wrong side of me and you’ll end up on the wrong side of my gun. With the barrel in your face.” – Taylor

Player versus Player, or PvP for short

In Grimlands you don’t just fight against mutants, bandits, and other evil characters. Sometimes it’s necessary to raise your weapon against other players. Whether as an act of defense or attack. There are many reasons why you should give your opponents a little time-out.

Open PvP

Every player can mark themselves for PvP at anytime in the game. This requires entering a little command in the chat window (/pvp). Whoever does this can be attacked by other players without warning, or they can be challenged to a duel. So, whoever wishes to live with the constant kick of spontaneous shootouts can activate this option. Being in PvP mode has a certain appeal: A special PvP buff strengthens over time which increases obtained experience points in PvE.

World objectives

Particular places are marked all over the map which can be conquered by clans. This normally concerns radar stations which, for example, are housed in junkyards. These world objectives are particularly coveted by clans because they hold special bonuses for all members. If a clan holds a number of these places and the bonuses’ area of effect differ, then the values are combined.

Player controlled towns

(Work in progress) Towns represent the beating heart of every game world. Life pulsates there. Towns are social meeting places and trading centers. However, things are a little different in Grimlands. Clans rule over towns here and make sure that buildings are constructed and expanded. They raise taxes in order to improve the infrastructure. High walls ensure protection against attackers. Nevertheless, clans have to constantly defend their position of power against rival clans.