“When I first descended into this dark cellar vault I nearly soiled my pants. I got away from the ruins with tattered clothes. But the effort was worth it. The treasure was mine!” – Taylor

Always keep your eyes peeled for hatches, manhole covers, and hidden doors while traveling through Grimlands. There is almost always a darker place hidden behind them, which conceals just as big a danger. Dungeons are all the talk. And there’s a load of them in Grimlands!

Dungeons in Grimlands are currently designed for individual players or a group of up to four players. There’s a choice of four difficulty levels when entering a dungeon:

  • Solo (individual players)
  • Easy (2+ players)
  • Normal (designed for 3-4 players)
  • Difficult (the ultimate challenge. Without a complete group and decent equipment we wouldn’t suggest setting a foot inside!)

Whoever masters the challenge can look forward to rewards. For example, rare, unique recipes, which can be used to create special components and weapons. In addition, you will likely find abundant raw material reserves in the winding passages which you can can use to create valuable resources.

Never alone thanks to the LFG tool

You know how it is when you want to take on a demanding dungeon run, but you can’t find anyone via chat who is in the area and wants to join you. LFG stands for “Looking for Group” and means that in Grimlands you can indicate which dungeon you want to take on and at what difficulty level. An automatic system searches for matching group members for you. When players are found, then you will automatically be teleported into the dungeon, regardless of where you are. After a successful foray you will find yourself back at your original location and can continue with your other pursuits. Uncomplicated and simple. That’s how it should be.