“If you can utilize it, it’s useful. If you can’t, then find someone who can!” – Taylor

Crafting in Grimlands

Plundering – where do I get resources?

Keep your eyes peeled. You can find wreckages and debris all across the world in Grimlands. Seeing as raw materials aren’t mined anymore, the remaining inhabitants of Grimlands have specialized themselves in collecting and recycling. You can collect:

  • Metals
  • Plastic
  • Electronic scrap
  • Glass
  • Bio-waste

Increase your skills in order to be able to collect valuable scrap. You can rework the collected scrap into reusable materials at special recycling stations. You can find recycling stations in all large settlements.

Jobs – who makes what?


A good weapon is like your best friend – you can always rely on them. Therefore, you should always strive to improve your weaponsmith skill or to know someone who understands this trade. Weaponsmiths don’t just create weapons, but also ammunition to go with them.


What good is your best weapon if your thin flannel shirt can’t withstand enemy bullets? A bulletproof vest, a Kevlar helmet, and a pair of armor-plated pants will turn you into a human tank. Armorers create all types of garments and modifications to do this.


Modifications for weapons and vehicles are the engineers’ business. Whoever wishes to spice up their weapon with a scope or bayonet will rely on an engineer. In addition, these skilled craftsmen also create all types of improvements for vehicles, like armor, engines, chassis, and weaponry.


In an inhospitable world it’s not so easy to get your hands on foodstuffs. Nobody likes being hungry. Butchers are pure collectors that don’t really create anything, rather they deal with raw materials that others require to create foodstuffs and medicines.

Workbench – how does it actually work?

In every, somewhat, larger settlement you will find a workbench with which you can rework recycled resources into components and then compile these into items. Thereby, these created items are neatly arranged among various tabs.

Construction plans are essential, because you cannot create items without them. You can get basis plans from trainers and merchants. However, whoever wishes to create rare and valuable things will have to go to the most dangerous areas and dungeons to get construction plans from defeated opponents.

The crafting system in Grimlands is very comprehensive and flexible. He who understands his handicraft can apply special bonus points to individual improvements for weapons. For example, reducing the recoil of a weapon, influencing the damage of a projectile, or improving the armor value of a shoulder strap.

You can find a more precise description of the workbench in our [Guide].

Auction house – where do I get rid of all that stuff?

Visit the auction house to sell your created items to the highest bidder. You can also go on a shopping spree yourself in the auction house. There you can purchase much-needed components, raw materials, food, or other items. Inquiries ensure for shopping convenience. Simply place your bid in the auction house so that other collectors and craftsmen can sell to you directly.