“Many friends = many barrels.” – Taylor

Clans – together you are strong

Don’t try it as a lone wolf. In a team you always have better chances of survival and getting a hold of much-needed materials or equipment. Therefore, Grimlands offers a comprehensive clan system. For some company on explorations or to go on the hunt with, it has numerous advantages.

Clan management

In the clan management you can administer the laws as well as the ranks of all members. The message of the day can be used to broadcast who has access to the bank storage, who can hire new recruits, or just general information.

Clan bonus

The number of buildings, towns, or PvP objects your clan owns determines the bonuses all members receive like, for example, higher chance of landing a critical hit or better loot from enemies.

Clan bank

Every clan has access to additional storage space in form of the clan bank. Every bank consists of numerous shelves whose access rights are individually definable. Furthermore, the amount of gold and items that all members can withdraw or donate can also be precisely stipulated.

Clan wars

Now and then it occurs that two clans cannot stand the sight of one another. Members of the respective factions can fight each other everywhere without having to activate PvP mode.


Sometimes the strength of just one clan isn’t enough to finish off an opponent. Therefore, two or more clans can band together to form an alliance which can then, in turn, declare war on other alliances.