The world

What special places are there in Grimlands? Where can I find an appropriate challenge? What opponents are waiting for me there? Lots of questions which you can find an answer to here.

Skill System

Learn more about the intuitive skill system in Grimlands, whereby every action has a direct influence upon the abilities of your character.


In a world where the economy is regulated by the players, merchants and crafters play a particularly important role.


Fighting other players always ensures great thrills. Be it in a duel or conquering a point of control. We will explain to you what options there are in the game.


That extra something for every adventurer is the visit to a dungeon in order to take on  the hardest of enemies and score the best loot around. Learn more about the LFG tool, too.


Whoever wants to act as a lone wolf can try their best. However, they will see success quicker in a clan. Grimlands offers a comprehensive clan system for all team players.


Weapons play an important role when every player is fighting for survival. Modifications can be made according to personal preference so that weapons’ features can be considerably changed.


Extensive landscapes scream for mobility. Therefore,  a roll able frame is vital. Diverse modifications can make a little fortress out of a normal car.