What is Grimlands?

Grimlands is a new type of online game that combines elements of TPS/FPS games in a real MMORPG. Players are thrown into a post-apocalyptic setting and use their shooting abilities to fight AI-driven enemies and other players alone, in a party, or clan. The huge open and persistent world of Grimlands motivates players to continuously explore the deserted cities, villages, and other main spots to gather resources to create highly unique items by crafting and fight through instance dungeons. Flexible skills allow for increased abilities based on players’ actions.

When can I play Grimlands?

Grimlands is currently in the closed beta phase (CBT). This means that you will only be able to play during specific CBT dates, and only if you have a Beta Key. You will have a chance to receive Beta Keys if you have a registered account for Grimlands. You can create your account by clicking on the REGISTER. Other Beta Keys will be delivered via social media and third party websites. Make sure you are following Grimlands on FACEBOOK and TWITTER in order to maximize your chance of receiving a key!

Do I have to pay to play Grimlands?

No, Grimlands is a free-to-play game. You will be able to create an account, download, and play Grimlands without any cost! Spending money in Grimlands is completely optional and done via the cash shop.

What is the gAS and how is it related to Grimlands?

The gamigo Account System (gAS), is where your account information is stored. You will be able to add games to your account, purchase in-game cash for any of these games, and also contact support easily via the gamigo Portal.

How large is the Grimlands client?

Grimlands is a massive game, and the current CBT client may take some time to download. To maximize your convenience we have created an installer that downloads all needed files for you. You can even stop the download and resume at a later point in time without losing any of the previously downloaded files.

We appreciate your patience in this, and as the CBT continues we will work on optimizing the download process.

Where can I download Grimlands?

You can download the installer by clicking on the download button at the top of the page, or simply by clicking here.

Does Grimlands have character classes?

Other than the usual MMO, Grimlands does not force the player into a selected character class. As a player, you are able to learn and combine every skill that is available by simply using them. This enables the player to have the complete freedom of choice as to what type of skill combination he wants to use.

Which languages does Grimlands support?

Grimlands is currently available in English. For the commercial launch German will be added as well. More languages may become available in the future.